Level Two Leadership and Facilitation Training Program

10 weeks.

Dates: Thursday 6th July, 2023

Start time: 19:30 (NSW time)
End time: 21:00 (NSW time)

Ongoing: This course runs every Thursday for 10 weeks ending on Thursday 7th September, 2023

Understanding how to facilitate a group is one thing. However, managing yourself and your own emotions during that process is another. Responding rather than reacting is key and this takes guidance and practice. Facilitating any group is a bit like giving a live interview, responding in real time to real life events.
It is our experience that great leaders and facilitators are able to stay calm during difficult circumstances and so it can be useful to understand your own emotional triggers and psychological ‘blind-spots’ which can knock you off centre. 
This training program is run in a small group of up to 12 people. It is a deep dive into ‘self-inquiry’ and can be very transformative for all aspects of your life
Why Enrol in The Level Two Community Leadership And Facilitation Program?
  • Understand the intricacies of group facilitation at a deeper level
  • Improve your self-awareness skills, so that you may offer leadership with humility
  • Develop your own sense of presence, to respond rather than react
  • Understand more about who you are to better serve others
  • Connect with other like-minded community activators
Cost: $750 (Ex GST)