About Us

Our mission is clear.

“We have a vision to connect and empower humanity through decentralized communities.”

The benefits in a nutshell:

– Form new local friendships

– Hear the wisdom of others

– Learn new skills

– Share physical resources

– Enjoy giving and receiving

– Trade services

– Bartering

We believe the entire planet is calling for humankind to move forwards into a new time of community being. A time of collaboration, co-creation, and mutual support. Not for the sole purpose of wealth or profit, but for the purpose of living a full and joyous life. In this life giving and receiving will unify in symbiotic harmony. This is real well-being.

Consider this…..

What if there was a time in the not-too-distant future where it would be considered ‘the norm’ to have close connections with a large cohort of local acquaintances who you enjoy spending time with within a short distance from your home? Not just the kind of acquaintances that you comfortably say “hi” to as you get out of your car on your return from work, or even the kind that you occasionally, and perhaps reluctantly out of some sense of neighbourly duty invite over for a BBQ once a year.

We are talking about the kind of acquaintances you can trust to have your back no matter what, and the kind that you would happily help out at the drop of a hat in times of need, as well as enjoy sharing social gatherings with every so often.

This is our reality right now and has been since the start of 2021 when we formed our community group, or community family as we now call one another.

We are here to inspire you to go out and do what we did.

Our sole purpose is to encourage and support you to form long-lasting and effective communities like ours.

We provide the blueprints for running groups like ours for free. Where needed we provide leadership and facilitation training to give the know-how and confidence to not just form a group, but to keep your group together for the long term, and to keep your group having fun.

See the resources page or contact us to join our next free Zoom call.

So our encouragement to go out and set up a group comes with a caveat.

“So many groups fail to go the distance because they are not facilitated by a well-trained facilitator.”

We have seen countless well-meaning groups form and then fail within months simply because there was either no leadership, or because the leader was not well trained. Organized chaos can quickly lead to disorganized chaos, which ultimately leads to fracture.

Our founder Dan Hanson had already been facilitating large groups of people for over ten years when he formed ‘The Community Solution’. He had both created and worked on numerous events including men’s groups, mixed gender retreats, self-inquiry events and rites of passage programs. His experience was invaluable, particularly in the first six months of group formation when there can be some challenges as the group finds its feet and forms its own identity.

So if you’ve already got the facilitation and leadership skills already, what are you waiting for? Get out there and do it! Use our blue-print if you like. Where desired we assist in training others.

The Community Solution Mission is to share with you how it all came about and why I think it is one of the many solutions necessary to create the kind of future that I’d want to live in. This reality can be yours now, or very soon if you already have the skills required.

If you have no experience in bringing together and facilitating large groups of people then all that’s required is for you to put some work in to acquire the skills necessary to make it

happen and then get out there and make it happen. I’m here to help you do all of that and that’s partly what my E-book is about.

In our video Introduction to the Community Solution, we offer the blueprint for setting up a community group for free.

To learn more about how I began our ‘Community Solution’ group