The Community Solution

We have a vision to connect and empower humanity through decentralised communities

Our mission is clear. We have a vision to connect and empower humanity through decentralised communities.

We believe the entire planet is calling for humankind to move forwards into a new time of community being. A time of collaboration, co-creation, and mutual support. Not for the sole purpose of wealth or profit, but for the purpose of living a full and joyous life. In this life giving and receiving will unify in symbiotic harmony. This is real well-being.

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Our purpose is to encourage community activators to form local community groups. We provide our blueprint for a sustainable community for free. If you’ve got the facilitation skills already, we hope to inspire you to get out there and do it now. We also provide leadership and group facilitation training to empower activators to have the skills to form their own local group with confidence.

The benefits of being part of a community like ours in a nutshell:

  • Form new local friendships
  • Hear the wisdom of others
  • Learn new skills
  • Share physical resources
  • Enjoy giving and receiving
  • Trade services
  • Bartering

It’s relatively easy to bring a group of people together for a common purpose. The hard part is keeping them together while having fun.

‘The Community Solution’ was born when I followed a strong calling in January 2021 to bring people together during a tough time.

We have met almost every week since that time. We have fun, support each other in times of need, share resources and wisdom and enjoy co-creating the lives that we each want. We are all different, yet we are connected to one another for a common purpose, to grow, evolve, and support each other while being supported by the group.

We believe that humanity will evolve to its next level when it becomes the norm to sit regularly in community, listen to one another completely and support one another fully with open hearts and authentic actions. Some say “isolation is a problem in modern life.” We say a solid community is the solution.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members and what I’ve witnessed since we formed our community tells me that it is filled with absolute greatness. Our lives have changed so much for the better and so can yours. You can make this happen in your local area now!

– Dan Hanson ‘The Community Solution’ founder.

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Dan Hanson

Dan Hanson is founder of The Community Solution and author of the book ‘The Community Solution – A Vision for Connecting Humanity’.

Dan’s mission with ‘The Community Solution’ is to inspire and guide others to set up and facilitate sustainable, decentralised communities like his own. His intention is to birth a time when people sit face to face regularly, have fun, and support each other through challenges while forming unshakable bonds.

His vision is to connect humanity globally via adaptive, connected and thriving local communities. His website for this is TheCommunitySolution.Com.Au

Dan is a ‘men’s guide’ and group personal development facilitator with a passion for self-inquiry. He creates and facilitates ‘self-inquiry’ events for both men and women who have the desire to better know themselves and to understand and transform their relationships to self and other . To this end he founded Breathe Health Retreats, which provides transformational self-awareness and leadership events. He is also a facilitator for Rites Of Passage programs encouraging emotional growth and self-awareness in young men during their transition to manhood.

Outside of leadership and self-inquiry, Dan is a Buteyko Institute breathing educator and inventor of the SleepYstrip anti-snoring nasal breathing tape and retired dentist having retired from clinical practice as a dentist in 2021 due to the COVID response restrictions. In this work until 2021, Dan was helping to prevent children from needing orthodontic treatment using Myofunctional Orthodontics, as well as helping infants to feed, performing oral surgery for congenital mouth defects. He still lectures on such subjects worldwide, speaking at conferences and educational events all over the world.