Training and Support

We provide leadership and facilitation training for people wanting to learn the necessary skills to not only form a group, but also to sustain a group while having fun. If you already have the skill-set needed to do this then we encourage you to get out there and do it now. The world needs you to shine your light. 

If we can inspire you and somehow play our part in the formation of 1000s of groups like ours then our work is done, regardless of whether we train you or not.

Introduction to the Community Solution is an introductory video that will give you the blueprint for starting your own decentralized community.

TCS founder, Dan Hanson will present his vision and share genuine stories about his own highly functional, enjoyable and supportive community group. You will also hear from real community members such as those featured in the testimonials in his E-book.

Please find below online events and training that The Community Solution will be running. Any queries, please feel free to Contact us.

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